Back To School 2017 is Here! Click below to sponsor new school uniforms for a child! 5 polos, and 3 bottoms for $60!

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Back To School 2017Many of us take it for granted that our children will go to a good school, graduate from college, get good jobs and become successful members of our society. Unfortunately, many children do not even have the very basic necessities to achieve any of this.

"NEAT STUFF, INC." is working to change that. "Neat Stuff" provides free brand new clothing, shoes, accessories, school uniforms, and gifts to meet some of the basic needs of abused, neglected, and other children in distress, allowing them to dress with pride and dignity, inspiring their self worth and hopefully giving them that extra boost to help make their dreams and successes a reality. It all starts at the beginning and where they take it from there... only the sky is the limit. We urge you to open your hearts and give these children a fighting chance. Your tax deductible donation in any amount will go a long way to helping us help them. Please donate now.

Uniform, backpack and clothing giveaways provide big boost for needy students

Neat Stuff StoreThe little boy stood at the front door, reluctant to step into the store where racks of clothing and school uniforms stretched in a rainbow of colors. His grandmother confided that he didn’t want new clothes, didn’t want to go to school, didn’t want to do homework, didn’t want to shower. “Then we noticed he was looking at a Woody doll [from Toy Story] in the toy section and we showed it to him,” recalled Lourdes Santos, executive director of Neat Stuff. “Little by little he started relaxing and looking around.” A while later, the little boy walked out with school clothing and pajamas — and, of course, the Woody doll. When his grandmother called a week later to report that the child was acclimating to school and obediently showering before bed, Santos said, “This is why we’re here. Clothing can make such a difference in a child’s life.” Read more here: